Okay, first off, my apologies for…not so organized manner of this contest. It’s my first one, like, ever xD

Anyway, here are the two winners::

Entry Choice One - blondefanmail

Entry Choice Tworay-mans-my-deck

Choosing a winner for the first entry was awfully difficult. Every entry made me smile and feel good about myself.

Choosing the second entry was easy as fuck ‘cause only one person entered. But still. It was really well written.

Thank you to the few that entered!!

Winners, if you see this before I get to you, please message me!

Anonymous: What happened with contest results?

Ah shit. My post never posted. Damn. Alright, gimme a sec cx

- Madison



- Madison Duchamp -

Anonymous: Do you feel any of the boys are actually gay or have romantic/sexual feelings towards one another. About 1/3 or more of the fan fics involve slash (character in a relationship) and I'm sort of sick of it. They act like they give gay references in the movie especially Gordie and Chris. I think Chris is more so a father figure with a nurturing nature towards gordie. Idk what you think but I don't think any of them want to be romantically involved with one another.

Based on the movie, I don’t think any of them would be gay or have any sexual thoughts towards one another. In some spots, I can see where people would think Gordie and Chris have something going on. Though, they’re just really close and that’s it, I think. Nothing more, nothing less. 

- Madison Duchamp -

Anonymous: why do U love stand by me so much? do u connect? a reason? or just an awesome movie? Do u connect with any of the characters in anyway?

I love Stand By Me for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, I just love movies that take place in the fifties and sixties, so that may be a part of it. Second, I tend to find the deeper meanings in movies, and the deeper meanings in Stand By Me just drag me to it. Thirdly, I love young Corey Feldman, so that’s probably another reason. Fourth, I have times where I do connect with the characters. In fact, I was talking to my friend today (not Faith) and she was like “It’s like you’re Chris and I’m Gordie when they’re..blah, blah, blah” (I’m not going into detail on that situation since it was something personal and shit. But yeah.)

I hope that made sense xD

- Madison Duchamp -

"I Knock" 
disneydarling123: I seem to be one of the only boys who doesn't ship any of the boys together, do you?

I don’t have any person preference for shipping the guys together. Well, sometimes Gordie and Chris or Teddy and Chris, but not really. They’re just occasional moments.

- Madison

Anonymous: I don't get why Gordie didn't tell anyone about the deer (???????) can you please explain (¿¿¿¿)

Okay, I’m not sure how well I can explain this, or even how well I understand it myself. Hopefully this makes sense to you ::

I think Gordie didn’t tell anyone about the deer because he wanted to have something for himself. It seems like all his life he had to be in the shadow of Denny and have all of his things. Having a secret like that might have made him feel like he did have something for himself that wasn’t a hand-me-down of Denny’s. 

I hope that makes sense, and I hope I’m right. That’s just what I got out of it.

Anonymous: Did the contest winner get chosen?

Not yet. I don’t have too many entries. If any of you see this and would like to enter, here is all you need to know…

- Madison

"Suck my fat one? Who ever told you you had a fat one Lachance?"
"Biggest one in four counties." 
"Haha yeah." 
Love their faces haha! Gordie looks so serious. 
"I’m not going back!" 
-Faith C<33
-Faith C <333 ;-)
"You mean you didn’t bring food either? " 
"What was I suppose to do to think of everything? I brought the comb!" 
"Why’d you bring a comb you don’t even have any hair!?!" 
Lol! Poor Vern:( 
-Faith <33
When Madison and I are together:)