Anonymous: Can you make a bunch of Chris chambers smut, like you walk in on him masturbating, you get freaky during school, you go camping, get freaky at the movies, you try on sexy lingerie for him, ect. All imagines please thank you, love your work

Damn, that’s a lot! I can’t guarantee them all quickly, but I can surely do them!!

Anonymous: Maybe a cobras preference about them being protective or something of that sort.

Ooh! That’s a good one, I can do that! I’ll try and get it out real soon!

Anonymous: Yooo I'm the anon about the cobras. But I'm not sure what I want. Like I'm in the mood for something cute but I'm stumped.

Hmmm…I’m not too hot in the cute department unless I’m being told what I should write about xD
- M a d i s o n

Anonymous: Well would you be feeling up for a cobra preference bc I've been thinking about them lately?

Sure thing! Any special requests?

Anyone? Anyone?

No requests yet? I’m waiting, guys! Patiently waiting!

- Madison c:

P.S. You guys are great, I love you all <3

the-ruler-by-sam-winchesters-bed: Hey man don't fret about resetting everything, you can do this. And don't forget to take time for yourself when you need it!

Thank you, man! I won’t forget, I just want to put this blog before myself for a little while. I really owe it to you guys!

Anonymous: We don't hate you sweetie! You guys still rock, whether you're blogging or not! Smiles!

Thank you, really! That means a lot to hear that, man, thank you!

- Madison c:

fictionismylife12: Have you two ever considered writing a full Stand by me fanfic? If so I'd love to read it! XXXX

I’ve considered it plenty of times! I may actually go through with it soon, just need a plot and shit!

- Madison

Anonymous: When are you guys gonna update?

Hopefully soon, man. After going through all of these, to see if there are anything that aren’t requests, I’m going to delete them all. I need you guys to send in requests again! They can be the same ones or new ones, whichever you so choose!

- Madison Duchamp!

-firstcome-firststaked-: Guys where are you? I miss your presence, I miss you guys so much, I miss your amazing imagines, I miss your excellent preferences, I miss your beautiful and rare photos. Guys, I miss you so much, please come back... :(

Your wish has come true….we are back! Well, Madison is anyway. I make no promises about Faith.

- Madison Duchamp c:

Anonymous: Hey I was wondering if you know how old Denny was when he died? And how old Ace and his gang are? I haven't read the books and I can't find anything about it. Thanks :)

I have yet to read The Body, because Faith just lent me her copy and my other friend gave me Different Seasons (which includes The Body). So I’m not actually 100% sure. ACTUALLY. HOLD ON. I’M GONNA GO TRY AND SKIM THROUGH IT FOR THE ANSWER.

In the copy Faith gave me ( a child edition type thing ), it says…

"He was seven years older than me, and lived in a different world."

So that would make Denny around eighteen or nineteen when he died, depending on his birthday and such.

In my friend’s copy ( Different Seasons ), it says…

"Can you see a fourteen-year-old boy finding something to beat up his four-year-old brother about?"

So that would make Denny nearly twenty-one or twenty-two when he died, also depending on his birthday.

I would say that Different Seasons is the more reliable source, since it’s Stephen King’s book, not some fifth grade, rewritten reader type thing. But yeah. There you have it, I hope that answered your question!

- Madison Duchamp c:

I bet you all hate us by now.

Hey guys…it’s Madison.

We’ve kinda….well, let’s put it this way. Faith doesn’t really care about the tumblr as much any more, and I’ve just been awful busy and shit. But yeah, basically. I’m coming back, guys….but the thing is, I have SO much that I’m behind on. I’m seriously considering deleting all of the requests and just starting fresh. Well, just all the sent in requests. I won’t be deleting already posted stuff. I don’t mind if you send in new stuff at all, like even the same requests that have been previously sent in, but damn. I need to reset my mind with this thing. Are you guys down with that? I’m really sorry for being delayed and just vanishing completely.

- Madison



Okay, first off, my apologies for…not so organized manner of this contest. It’s my first one, like, ever xD

Anyway, here are the two winners::

Entry Choice One - blondefanmail

Entry Choice Tworay-mans-my-deck

Choosing a winner for the first entry was awfully difficult. Every entry made me smile and feel good about myself.

Choosing the second entry was easy as fuck ‘cause only one person entered. But still. It was really well written.

Thank you to the few that entered!!

Winners, if you see this before I get to you, please message me!